Karen (Ren) Adamson, MA, LMHC, ACHT

Karen (Ren) Adamson, MA, LMHC, ACHT, is a psychotherapist and certified clinical hypnotherapist. She helps adults and children over the age of ten to heal and release lingering effects of childhood trauma--effects that often lead to long-standing emotional and behavioral patterns that work against our heart’s desire. An adoptee herself, she also works with clients on all aspects of adoption and attachment issues.

For me, insight is only truly valuable if it leads to measurable positive changes. When I work with a client to explore and understand their past, it is always with the goal of improving their present and future. We focus on putting legs on those insights – on building skills to help regulate emotions, increase interpersonal effectiveness, and better tolerate distress.

I also frequently use Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy to gently get past the ego’s defenses and find the root of an issue more quickly than is possible with conventional talk therapy. In a relaxed state of consciousness we can release old negative emotions, get underneath self-sabotaging patterns of behavior, and open the heart to approach difficulties from a place of love and self-acceptance.

  • Master’s degree in Professional Counseling, New Mexico Highlands University
  • Bachelor of Arts, Sociology and Race, Class, Gender & Social Justice University at Buffalo, New York
  • Advanced Hypnotherapy training, Wellness Institute, Issaquah, WA
  • Experience in a variety of outpatient settings, including community mental health, sexual assault crisis and private practice

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