Lola, The Maltipoo

Meet Lola the Maltipoo, a Maltise terrier and a Toy Poodle mix. Lola is 1 ½ years old, 6 pounds and hypoallergenic. She loves to visit with people, enjoys gentle pets and scratches, short games of fetch, and often happily races around the lobby in circles.

Lola is currently training to be a therapy dog. Sometimes, when she first meets someone or feels startled by sudden or unexpected movement, she may bark loudly. A warm, friendly “Hi Lola” helps her feel at ease, and once she gets to know you she is very friendly.

Lola attends therapy sessions in Tamara’s office. If you are a client of Tamara’s and do not wish her to attend your session, we will gladly accommodate your needs. Lola also enjoys spending time with other Rain City Therapy professionals and clients.